"Send money from japan to all over Nepal through Sansar Remit"

About Us

Legally registered in the Company Registration Office (Government of Nepal), established with the aim of providing services to those who are willing to send their remittance from abroad to Nepal. This institution is legally propounded by the well established and experienced professionals of financial and other field and legally licensed for collecting remittance safely and easily from Europe (Spain,Italy & portugal), Japan, America, England, Australia and any corners of the world. Central office of this organization is at the capital city Kathmandu in Nepal.


1. Reliable and easy service with minimum commission.

2. No fees for obtaining membership.

3. No banking formalities for sending money as a result both the time and money are easily saved.

4. Low cost in sending money than other current established means.

5. Money can be directly deposited for the bank account holders and cash will be handed over personally to the non Bank account holders.

6. Guaranty of transparency, reliability and legality.

7. Service even on public holidays.

8. Reliable connection of the services to both the convenient and remote areas of both the Nepal and out of Nepal.

9. Similar service for the people of all professions and groups.

10 Receipt received after the deposition from Sansar Remit Pvt. Ltd. Can be used as a legal source of income in Nepal and out of Nepal as well.

11. Besides these, we are very flexible for the better services according to the needs of our members and customers.